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Dear community,

Since the start of this project, we have all been working hard. Thousands of issues have been fixed. Please continue to make bug reports on http://bug.omfg.gg to let developers know about issues.

Solo and Guild transfers from other servers

Solo and Guilds from private servers or retail can transfer as a whole up to level 85 and decent starter gear. Consider it as an opportunity to join the competition quickly & get started awith many other guilds on our realm.

Guild migration gear is slightly better then Solo migration gear.

Find more information @

Lets get to the realm information now!

First of all, visit How to connect to WoWReach if you're new to this server and need some help to get connected.

Shiver - The blizzlike rates

Honor x1

Arena x1

Gold x1

Reputation x2

Profession/Recolt x2

Legendary/Epic/Rare x1

Normal/Poor drop x2

The leveling system


x1 ? 5'000 gold + Tyrael's Charger*

x3 ? 2'500 gold + Lil' Deathwing

x7 ? 1'000 gold

x10 ? 100 gold

*The mount is not sold into the Game or Store. This is the UNIQUE way to get it.

** You have to reach level 85 on the xp rate you want the reward on, AND remember, you can always increase your XP-rate, but never decrease it again!

Progressive release of the content

Raid by raid, tier by tier, the players will be able to reach Realm-First achievements, beat new speed-run records and participate actively to compete with each other. We will be able to provide you quality over quantity.

Shiver Content

Wowreach does progressive scripting to give the players the best quality and to give the server a longer longevity. The server is currently on version 4.3.4 with 4.2 content and new content will progressively be added, following the retail server and giving a blizzlike experience. The scripts you see are made by our own developers with precision and care, and hopefully you will notice the difference while playing here.


Blackfathom Deeps scripted

Dire Maul scripted

Lower Blackrock Spire scripted

Upper Blackrock Spire scripted

Sunken Temple scripted

Stormwind Stockade scripted

Ragefire Chasm scripted

Gnomeregan scripted

Scarlet Monastery scripted

Scholomance scripted

Zul'Farrak scripted

Razorfen Downs scripted

Razorfen Kraul scripted

Wailing Caverns scripted

Stratholme scripted

Blackrock Depths scripted

Shadowfang Keep scripted

Uldaman scripted

Deadmines scripted

Blackwing Lair scripted

Temple of Ahn'Qiraj scripted

Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj scripted

Molten Core scripted


The Blood Furnace scripted

Hellfire Ramparts scripted

Auchenai Crypts scripted

Mana-Tombs scripted

Sethekk Halls scripted

The Slave Pens scripted

The Underbog scripted

The Steam Vault scripted

The Arcatraz scripted (except Harbinger Skyriss)

Shadow Labyrinth scripted

The Shattered Halls scripted

The Botanica scripted

The Mechanar scripted

The Escape from Durnholde scripted

The Magister's Terrace scripted

Karazhan scripted (except chess event )

The Tempest Keep scripted

Serpentshrine Cavern scripted (except Lady Vashj)

The Black Temple scripted

The Battle for Mount Hyjal scripted

Gruul's Lair scripted

Magtheridon's Lair scripted

Sunwell Plateau scripted


Utgarde Keep scripted

The Nexus scripted

Azjol-Nerub scripted

Ahn'kahet : The Old Kingdom scripted

Drak'Tharon Keep scripted

Violet Hold scripted

Gundrak scripted

Halls of Stone scripted

Halls of Lightning scripted

Pit of Saron scripted

The Culling of Stratholme scripted

The Forge of Souls scripted

The Oculus pending

Utgarde Pinnacle scripted

Trials of the Champion scripted

Naxxramas - scripted

Obsidian Sanctum - scripted

Vault of Archavon - scripted

Eye of Eternity - scripted

Ulduar - pending

Crusaders' Coliseum: Trial of the Crusader - pending

Onyxia's Lair - pending

Ruby Sanctum - pending

Icecrown Citadel - pending


Blackrock Caverns scripted

Grim Batol scripted

Halls of Origination scripted

Hour of Twilight pending

Lost City of the Tol'vir scripted

Shadowfang Keep scripted

The Stonecore scripted

The Vortex Pinnacle scripted

Throne of the Tides scripted

Deadmines scripted

End Time pending

Well of Eternity pending

Zul'Aman scripted

Zul'Gurub scripted


Baradin Hold scripted

- Argaloth

- Occu'thar

Blackwing Descent scripted

- Magmaw

- Omnitron defense system

- Maloriak

- Atramedes

- Chimaeron

- Nefarian!

The Bastion of Twilight scripted

- Halfus Wyrmbreaker

- Valiona and Theralion

- Ascendant Counil

- Cho'gall

- Sinestra!

Throne of the Four Winds scripted

- Conclave of wind

- Al'Akir

Firelands scripted

- Beth'tilac

- Shannox

- Rhyolith

- Alysrazor

- Baleroc

- Majordomo

- Ragnaros!

Dragon Soul pending


Random dungeon finder scripted

Warsong Gulch scripted

Arathi Basin scripted

Eye of the Storm scripted

Alterac Valley scripted

Twin Peaks scripted

Tol Barad scripted

Wintergrasp pending

Battle for Gilneas pending

Strand of the Ancients scripted

Isle of Conquest pending


Ruins of Lordaeron scripted

Ring of Valor pending

Circle of Blood scripted

Ring of Trials scripted

Dalaran Sewers scripted


Leveling system scripted

Guild perks scripted

Guild reputation scripted

Guild achievements scripted

Guild rewards scripted


Worgen scripted

Gnome scripted

Human scripted

Night elf scripted

Dwarf scripted

Draenei scripted

Goblin scripted

Orc scripted

Troll scripted

Tauren scripted

undead scripted


Random dungeon finder scripted

Pathfinding scripted

Line of Sight scripted

Kind regards,

The WoWReach Team.

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