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Alpha-WoW support Classic 1.12.1, TBC 2.4.3, Wotlk 3.3.5a and Cataclysm 4.0.6. World of Warcraft server Professionally developed. Instances, BGs, and Arenas Working, Raids Scripted. Fun PvP and PvE BlizZlike Realms. Easy to start, just download and play Alpha-WoW for free, no install need. Constantly available lag-free no Crash.

Greetings Alpha WoW players
I'm happy to announce that the first 10 players in each realms Cata, Wotlk, TBC and Vanilla reach max level 85, 80 ,70 or 60 will be awarded with big price from Alpha Team.

The price will be 100 vote points and 10 donate points.And something for in-game, we will award 5k gold.

Login with your account details get some in-game Gold, Bag, Mounts or Heirloom items to your WoW Character.

Our Alpha-WoW voting system is a community voting, the whole community is in control of how votes go and how to gain a reward for it. This means that we dont have to monitor our votes, YOU ARE IN CONTROL!!! The more votes at the end of the week, the more exclusive server setting will be active on the gameserver. With that we mean, more votes, higher rates in drops gold or honor and reputation... How does it work..... You vote, the whole community does, if we have enough votes, then there will be a special weekend where EVERYBODY gains advantage INGAME. This can be double drops or gold rates or honor or marks, or combinations. Vote now. Vote for Alpha-WoW and get Weekend in-game double rep, double gold drop, double item drop, double honor. Depends of Vote amount.

Server is tested every 30 minutes for availability

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