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WoW-TBC.com - 5x Blizzlike Burning Crusade Server
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WoW-TBC.com - Blizzlike Burning Crusade Server

WoW-TBC.com is a brand new 2.4.3 the burning crusade blizzlike private server with 5x experience rate.

- We are not promoting us as the best 2.4.3 server with all content 100% blizzlike, Because there is no such server, But our passion for development and ambition to conquer the semi-broken 2.4.3 scene speaks for itself.

- Developers themselves are playing the server as just regular players, due to our passion for burning crusade, we want to play our server too for the original wow "feel" which we try to emulate by tracking all possible bugs for immediate fixing.

- We are on Mangos one branch , with all the major / acknowledged bugs fixed. Staff Consists of DB developer and C++ developer, both specialized on their development environtment within WoW emulator scene for 6 years now and counting. Our fixes / Branch commits added weekly.

- Our Raid environtment is Open and scripted up to Black Temple.

- We are fully english speaking server located in EU. Dedicate Server specs are the following : Intel Xenon x3430 2.40 Ghz 8MB cache 16 GB ECC Ram 2x 250 GB SAS 3x 1Gb/s Redundant internet connections

- We have no epic equipment donations available, we value the collective feel of earning your gear. We have many success stories as team behind us on wow private server scene and still running, server bearing 480 player peak daily for 3 years now.

Choose us. We are here to stay.

Server is tested every 30 minutes for availability

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