Project-Baseline 1.12.1 Vanilla

Project-Baseline, Vanilla Blizzlike server with 1 xp rate. TBC Instant 70 , 24/7 Uptime, DDoS Protection, Anti-Cheat. Scripted Instances, Raids, Zones, Scenarios. Step-by-step o...


Turtle WoW RP/PvE Vanilla Server (Hardcore)

[Classic][RP-PVE][Very Friendly Community][Turtle Pet][Turtle Mount][Scripted Raids][Special XP Rates][Hardcore Mode][Pathfinding][Vanilla][Active Development][Active Gamemasters]


www.molten-wow.pw - NO DONATE - BLIZZLIKE X5

MoltenWoW Reborn with fresh untouched core from Feb2015 stable and scripted! Reason why we bring it back is to try make a No Donation able server to see how fun we can have! Its...