Chaotic Domain 3.3.5 Exp100x gold drop 100x

Funserver! Come join the server!! We support 3.3.5 Youtube video link http://youtu.be/UFNRSgrn5co Server rates are: XP="100" QuestXP="100" D...


Havoc-WoW Private 255 FUNSERVER

[3.3.5a][Cata/MoP/WoD/Legion Content][+35k custom items][Craft your own custom item][+300 custom mounts][Scripted Instances][Custom Quests/Bosses/MALL/LvL Area][PvP/PvE][CROSSFA...


Shadowburn 3.3.5a - Progressive

[Newly opened] [Progressive Realm] [Blizzlike 1x Rates] [Fully Scripted Dungeons & Raids] [Working Battlegrounds & Arenas] [Pathfinding & Line of Sight] [24/7 Online...


NRG-Wow - Progressive Cataclysm

NRG-Wow Fresh Progressive Cataclysm realm! Exp 5x, Crossfaction, Daily fixes, all cata content scripted, Discord server