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realmlist: krusecloud.ca
Core: Trinity Core (with some patches for fixes)
Database: Trinty Database (with quite some fixes that we created)

Battlegrounds: All of them should be working even Isle of Conquest since the latest fixes, Strands of the Ancients still needs some fixes for tank immunities but it's playable. Isle of Conquest and Alterac Valley are not included in the Random Battleground but will be opened when the population allows it. (You need 20v20 which is only possible at peak times)

Arena: Ring of Valor is still closed like at most private servers. We want the ultimate gaming experience in arena so they will only get opened when 100% working. All other arenas work 100%

Classes: Of course there are always some bugs with talents/abilties but compared to other servers we have a lot of them working. ( All classes estimated at 95% or higher fixed)

Quests: A lot of working quests and the best part is that I scripted a Quest Completer myself. With this website tool you can basically complete all bugged quests and just continue your chain without worries. We currently have about 750 quest in the list that are marked as bugged and can be completed with the Quest Completer, this list gets updated all the time based on reports and testing, the list can be found here. There are about 10000 quests so we have about 95% working.
Rules & Agreement

Not knowing the rules in no excuse!

Speak English, swear is allowed, as long as it's not excessive.
Do not make any racist comment. Discussions about racism are also forbidden.
"Trolling" is forbidden in global chat channels.
The usage of scripts and/or any tools or addons to speak in colours is strictly prohibited.
Linking to images or other media which are rude, obscene, racist and/or inappropriate for children (12+) will not be tolerated.
Do not use any hacks, exploits and any other form of cheats.
Multi boxing is forbidden. You should not use any programs to control multiple characters at once. You are allowed to use 2 characters at once by switching to the other window each time you want to control it.
Don't try to stay online with some anti afk method.
Do not exploit bugs! If you encounter any bug, report it.
Do not advertise for other private servers, websites, products or services.
Do not spam players in any way.
Do not use excesive caps.
Use global chat channel (world) only according to it's purpose, explained in here.
Win Trading in arena is not allowed, you will get your rating reduced to 0 and all your arena gear removed if you do so.
If you find yourself doing something that appears to cause crashes, immediately stop doing this and report this to a GM.
Don't ask GMs for items, gold, levels or any other unfair boost.
Don't pretend to be a GM and don't use an account or character name similar to a GM.
Don't waste GM's time.
Here is a guideline staff will use to punish you if you don't follow these rules.

You agree with the following:
Your account and all your characters will be DELETED if you don't login the game for 6 months. This is done so the database won't grow too big and we can keep the best performance.
You will be nothing more than a tester on this server and everything you do is for educational purposes.
We don't provide any guarantee because we are not a commercial organisation and we can ban someone whenever we think they should be banned even if it's not stated in the rules.If you don't like the server with all the bugs, we would recommend to purchase an account with Blizzard.

Character transfer: Being dicussed. Would only come from similar server rates/setups.

Recruit a Friend: We're currently working on a system that allows players to use this. Bring a friend into the world and grants him increased experience gain, and allows each other to summon each other at any given time (CD 30 minutes).

Server is tested every 30 minutes for availability

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