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WoWExion Funserver 4.3.4
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297 / 1718

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{Server name}

-WoWExion Funserver!
-New cata server!

[Server Rate's]
-x150 exp. Rate!
-x200 quest Rate!
-x10 rep. Rate!
-x150 gold. Rate!
-x5prof. Rate!
-x100 drop. Rate!
-x2 honor Rate!
-x2 talent Rate! # so at 85 you will have 82 points.
-1.5% Base Movement Speed
[Website server info]

- http://wowexion.com/
- set realmlist wowexion.com
-English server.
-Pvp- for world pve option
-if you dont have a 4.3.4 client Download Mwow 4.3.4 and change realmlist into we can
get a Mirror set up.

-Each friend you bring you will get 2.5k gold. at 5 friends it jumps to 6k per friend.
-if you join do to a friend you will get 1k gold. you and your friend will get free 20 levels
-Instent Flight path.
-Boa gear to start off leveling.
-Deathbringer's will for level 1 players to quest with.
-low level + max level rare hunting.
-1v1 arena's.
-both faction chat.
-both faction trade. must be in a party.
-both faction AH.
-both faction Party.
-you can have 3 main professions!
-Game Master's will boost randome people in levels each day!
-Old Legendary's boosted to level 85.
-character selling-buying-trading- is welcome, to be done. its your toon not mine.
-FULL 16 PIECE LEVELING GEAR. Must donate, vote or participate in events to get them.
-Rogue Energy is increase
-Hunters Focus is increase
-warrior rage increase
-If you have a level 85 on any other cata server. you will be boosted right to 80.

-working raids.!
-Raids reset 1 day sooner.
-new gear added to raid/npc drop table!
-old legendary's boosted to level 85.
-New set of gear for End game Raider's.
-Duel spec at level 19.
-Donor Shirt/tab with stats!
-Multiboxing is welcome with a max of 5 toons for pvp. no max on pve.
-New legendary's added.
-Turning ICC into a lvl 85 raid

[Player vs Player]
-working BG.
-1v1 arena's.
-All Cooldowns reset after wining/loseing a duel.
-2 honor gained per Duel you win.
-Arena points are given out as soon as you win.
-New set of gear for the high end pvp player's.
-world pvp turned on
-Duel spec at level 19.
-Donor Shirt/tab with stats!
-Multiboxing is welcome with a max of 5 toons for pvp. no max on pve.
-World boss that will drop 500 honor.
-Rares that will drop 100 honor per kill.
-New legendary's added.
-working on Twink content Twinks


-pvp battles hosted by a GM. wining teams gets pvp gear-mounts-gold
-you can have 3 main professions!
-Daily events to gain gold-gear-mounts-mog
-Daily events to gain prizes of which might include the Donor Shirt/Tabard
-Morphing someone into a monster and haveing him be the world boss. players that join to kill
him will get gold and More.
-Multiboxing battle events will be done.
-New Rollplaying set's


-option to have 2 members set as Guild master rank!
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Server is tested every 30 minutes for availability

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